Future of Real Estate Marketing guest blogger this week – Marty Boardman

I have a lot to celebrate this week.  On Friday, I’ll be catching up with my classmates at our 20 year high school reunion.  Sunday is my 12th wedding anniversary.    

I’m also incredibly honored to be chosen the Future of Real Estate Marketing (FOREM) guest blogger for the week. FOREM and Inman.com are two of my favorite real-estate related websites.  Here’s a sneak peak at what I’ll be writing about:

  • Tuesday, 10/5 – 3 Steps to Writing a Better Blog
  • Wednesday, 10/6 – Facts Tell, Pictures Sell
  • Friday, 10/8 – The Man Who Mentored a Billionaire

 Your feedback is always appreciated.  I could also use a few suggestions on an anniversary gift for my wife.



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5 responses to “Future of Real Estate Marketing guest blogger this week – Marty Boardman

  1. Roxanne Boldt

    I am just putting together my website/blog and I came across your article-it is great.
    Roxanne Boldt

  2. freerealestateeducation


    I appreciate the feedback.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. I stumbled across all three of the blogs mentioned this morning. Unfortunately I have an awful habit of ignoring authors. I enjoyed all three but didn’t connect that they were all done by you until I followed your link here. And what a pleasant surprise. Great work, I really enjoyed all of it!

  4. Marty, congratulations on being featured on FOREM. I’ll be doing a few posts there in December so I always like to check out the authors.

    I think you have a great site with some very valuable information. Looking forward to more of your articles.

  5. Hey Marty,

    I would like to congratulate you on being a guest blogger at FOREM – it’s must be a wonderful feeling to see your text published on such an authority website.
    Also, happy anniversary – better late then never, right? 🙂

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