Staging a House the Martha Stewart Way

“Martha Stewart is now under house arrest. So she’ll go to her $40 million 153-acre estate. So she’s going from the big house to an even bigger house.” –  Jay Leno

T.J. Maxx.  Target.  Burlington Coat Factory.  Walmart.  Kirkland’s.  Goodwill.  Did you notice I didn’t mention Kmart?  That’s not because we don’t buy our staging items at Kmart.  It’s just because we don’t have many Kmarts around here.  If we did, I’m certain some of our stuff would come from the Martha Stewart Living line.

And for what it’s worth, I forgive Martha for the whole insider trader thing.  She’s paid her debt to society.  But I still don’t tune into her show – mostly because listening to her talk is about as exciting as watching a car rust.

So why stage a vacant house?  Here are my top three reasons:

  1. A high percentage of buyer’s start their search for a home to buy online – a home that is staged looks more, well, homey.
  2. Staging items like furniture, pictures and plants give the buyer an idea of how much space they will have in the house for their own stuff.
  3. Lived in homes, or homes that looked lived in because they are staged, usually sell faster.

We like to stage the kitchen, master and hall bathroom and master bedroom.  The family room isn’t a bad idea either.  Our budget is around $500.  I’m sure we’d make Martha proud.

For more tips check out this video:



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