As part of my commitment to provide free real estate education I’m producing these brief, instructional videos.  Keep in mind that real estate is a LOCAL business and the investment strategies me and my business partner, Manny Romero, discuss may not work in your real estate market.

In this 8-part video series I explain how to use AZ Bidder to buy homes at trustee’s sales (auctions) here in Maricopa, County Arizona.  Each video is 8-10 minutes long.

Video 1 – Property Search

Video 2 – Identification Research

Video 3 – Market Analysis

Video 4 – Marking for Bid (title and drive report)

Video 5 – Placing the Bid

Video 6 – Watching the Bidcast

Video 7 – Final Results

Video 8 – Winning the Bid

Check out this video where we explain three simple steps to getting a bank to accept your low offer – (1/18/10) – Manny Romero and Marty Boardman)

In this video I speak with Don Price – a man who just got a second chance at homeownership – (1/13/10) – Marty Boardman

In this video we explain why we prefer seller financing over buying and holding (1/7/10) – Marty Boardman and Manny Romero

Home flooded by angry homeowner is remodeled by our team (12/28/10) – Marty Boardman and Manny Romero

Angry homeowner floods house and then lets bank foreclose (11/19/10) – Marty Boardman and Manny Romero

Marty explains how to buy at an REDC (public REO auction) – posted 7/13/10


5 responses to “Video

  1. vicki wang

    Hello Manny,
    You mentioned a strategy of target the area of high concentration of first time and second time homebuyers in your Nov. 4th post. My question is how you figure out the area. Can you share the technics you used? Thank you!


    • Marty Boardman


      First home buyers are looking to buy less expensive homes in desirable neighborhoods. You need to determine where those areas are in your market.

      Second home buyers don’t care much about location because they are most likely retired. Therefore, they want less expensive homes in areas that have golf courses, recreation centers, shopping and restaurants.

      I hope this helps. You can always call me at 602-319-5391 and I can explain more.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Could you wholesale me a home in the phoenix area so that I can fix n flip the home? I own a rental in Surprise that I need to unload some day. I owe more than it is worth but I do have a good tenant.

  3. wow 10 days for inspection. here in sacramento ca, the normal is 17 days and it is considered fast if we write a 10 day inspection. If a bank saw a 3 day inspection they might fall over in there seats. I might try that short of an inspection period to see if I get more offers accepted.

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